Food by Lish

Convenient and nutritious meals to fit your lifestyle



With Food by Lish, you can discover a more convenient, nutritious approach to your daily routine.

Here's how:

1. Browse and order products online

It's easy to order. Just click on the image of the product, and add it to your cart. Once you're ready to check out, click on your cart and follow the payment and shipping instructions.

2. Meals can be delivered or picked-up frozen

Once you've placed your order, we'll let you know when it's ready! If you've chosen to pick it up, follow the driving directions on the Contact Us page. If you've chosen delivery, we will coordinate the best time to drop off your order.  

Meals are delivered frozen so that they are ready to be baked at your convenience. Instructions come on the pan, so there are no questions when you're ready to eat.           

3. Skip the grocery, put the meal in the oven, spend time doing something else and then have a delicious meal for you and your family!

The meals are meant to be convenient and nutritious for you and your loved ones. They save you time and energy so that you can have more time to do things that are more important: spending time with the family, getting a project out the door, meeting up with friends and loved ones, etc.

It's as simple as that. Ready to give it a try and enjoy some delicious, convenient food?