Food by Lish

Convenient and nutritious meals to fit your lifestyle

We are dedicated to making delicious, convenient, cost-effective, lifestyle-friendly and environmentally-friendly food. We believe that food can be delicious, sustainably-made and convenient. And in today's busy world, all three are a must. 

Who is Lish?

Alicia Luck (Lish) is a Registered Dietician by trade and a foodie at heart. Food is her passion, and helping people is her calling. 

When it comes to food, she believes in eating well. That means that at the core of every meal, there is incredible taste and health conscious ingredients. Her dedication to freshness and sustainability only enhance the experience for anyone who eats her delicious food. 

From her own personal garden to her evolving sustainability practices, she believes in making the food experience better for customers, the community and the environment. 

With her deep background in meal planning for special needs patients and also her extensive knowledge in food composition, she's able to create meals that are perfect for the taste buds but made to satisfy the body's nutritional needs.

Lish has pulled from her experience in the healthcare industry and in the kitchen to launch Food by Lish, which is focused on offering you meals that are nutritious and convenient to meet your lifestyle needs.

100% Handmade

All Food by Lish meals are handmade. She is at the core of ensuring that all meals meet her standards and are made with the best ingredients. 

The Food by Lish menu is also developed from Lish's experimentations and recipe adjustments. She's spent a lot of time in the kitchen coming up with the perfect concoctions for your needs.

A Note From Lish

I believe that food should be delicious and easy.

I believe that food should be shared and used as a way to bring families together.

I believe that with a a little creativity and a few ingredients, any meal can be delicious, mouth-watering and fulfilling.

I believe that food should be a learning opportunity and an adventurous journey.

And above all else, I believe that food should be made with love and passion.

That’s what I do at Food by Lish. I bring my creations to life and help them get to your table, for your family, with love. You can expect the freshest ingredients, a unique taste and always a new adventure for you and your family.

As I build my brand and share my creations, I would love for you to contact me with any questions or interests in sharing my meals with your family.

With Love,


“Rave reviews this week from the Grothause house! Turkey and Brown Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers & Tacos Carne Asada! Busy household? No time to prepare or cook meals? Suggest you check out the menu.”
— Bill G.